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Registration process
Registration is a process by which you will become an active participant for the Conference. It does comprise several steps:
1. Become a Member at
2. Filling several categories of information (ID, Visa Letter request, RegFees Payment)
3. Requesting a Letter of Invitation or not
4. Requesting a Visa on arrival or not
5. Booking your participation to the African Night
6. Booking your participation to the Field Trip
7. Providing flight information for be pick-up at the airport
8. Submitting abstracts for oral and poster sessions and
9. Paying your Registration Fees!

No need to do it all in one session, you can return and login to finish your registration at a convenient time, or when time permits!

Please register only if you are sure that you can secure the resources to attend and be able to pay the Registration Fees. Otherwise you clog the system for no benefit to nobody.

You will be considered a Conference participant only when the RegFees will be paid.

The RegFees do NOT include the hotel rooms, which will be paid directly to the hotel at checking time.

Visa for entering Benin

All African participants are exempt from visa to enter Benin if their stay is less than 90 days. Participants from the rest of the world need an entry visa.

All foreigners need a visa to enter. However, very recently Benin has put in place an evisa system, so that foreigners can get their visa from home before traveling.

To get your visa please contact:

<<< >>>

How does it work?

“Visa applicants can get their e-visa from anywhere in the world. It concerns non-African nationals for any tourist or business stay of a duration not exceeding 90 days. The procedure is quite simplified. Only names, first names, passport numbers and date of stay are required. The processing time is less than forty-eight hours. The formality is done in three major stages: the filing of the application, the payment of fees (by visa or mastercard) and the receipt of the e-visa by email, once the application is approved.

For 30-day visas with entry and exit, payment of 50 euros is required”

An international vaccination health certificate for yellow fever is required to enter Benin.

Invitation Letter for Visa Application or Support Application
People who need a letter of invitation to obtain a visa in case they do not want to use the on-line system in their country, can request it online and will automatically receive a letter of invitation signed by the Organizer of the conference for obtaining their visa. A similar letter can be obtained to apply for support with organizations and private companies, by requesting it to Fernando, Angela (CIAT) A.Fernando@CGIAR.ORG.

Arrival at the Benin Airport
After the immigration booths please look for the IITA agent Houngnibo, Septime (IITA-Benin) (phone: ). He will bear a sign IITA and he will help you find your shuttle for the airport. The shuttles are outside the building, the big bus of the Marina Hotel shuttle will be just in front of the exit door, you cannot miss it, if you look for other hotels, they are on your left and you need to look for their sign.

Abstract Submission
All abstracts must be submitted on-line and it is part of the registration process. One person can submit several abstracts through the abstract submission system. No abstract will be posted on the website of the Conference unless one author is registered and present at the Conference.

Format: Submit a Microsoft Word document no longer than one page A4 long with the standard Arial font, type size (12) including the title, authors, affiliation and email address. Type the abstract as single space text, with a double space between paragraphs with a 1 inch margin on all sides.

Process: Two chairs have been appointed for each of the 21 scientific Sessions. When you submit your abstract you will be required to indicate in which session you would like to present it. The chairs will receive a copy of all the abstracts in the session and they will choose those for oral presentation if you indicated this request or for a poster. You will then receive the decision of the chairs so that you can prepare accordingly for the Conference.

The Conference will use poster holders and the dimension of the posters will be 0.8 m x 1.2 m and a template with details size, font size, location of the Poster Session number, etc. will be posted on the website. Pins to hang your poster on the poster frames will be provided by the organizers on site.

If you want to get your poster printed in Benin for $15, you can contact and make arrangements for payment by card or mobile money:

Responsable Commercial
05 BP 1059 Cotonou-Rép.Bénin
Tel : +229 21 31 56 79
Gsm: +229 60 00 76 76

Hotel Reservation
All the Hotels do have an on-line system (or email indicated in Accommodation or Hotel booking on this website) for booking the rooms, and you will have to book your room directly with the hotels, unless you will be supported by the Conference, in this case a person will be appointed to handle your reservation at the Benin Marina Hotel.

Hostel information for students and Travel Grant Awardees
Hostels do not have on-line system for booking but the name, phone number and email of the person in charge will be indicated on the website. In the case of the Travel Grant Awardees, you will have to indicate to the Hostel person, the code 3 provided to you by the organizers.

Travel Information
By security measure, you are required to provide flight information for arrival and departure on our website. However, because the airport pick-up is done by each hotel, you will have to provide this information directly to the hotel as well, and you need to specify to the hotel that you need pick-up at the airport.

The Cassava Night is included in the RegFees, for the Registered participants and Registered accompanying persons, buses will transport all participants after the plenary presentations on Monday June 11, to go to the Benin French Institute where the event will take place. Buses will take you back to your hotel.

The African Night The African Night is included in the RegFees, for the Registered participants and Registered accompanying persons, just indicate the number of persons in the African Night page on-line. Failure to register for the African Night will prevent you and your guests to attend, so do not miss it! Transportation from the Benin Marina Hotel and the venue and back to your hotel will be organized.

The Field Trip (to be confirmed) is at a fee of 40 Euros per person, for the Registered participants and their accompanying persons, just indicate the number of persons in the Field Trip section of the registration and pay at the time of the payment of the RegFees. Failure to register for the field trip will prevent you to participate to the field trip. During the conference the fees will be collected by the organizers of the field trip at the registration desk.


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After creating your account and receiving the confirmation email, you can return and login to finish your registration when time permits.