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Session 04: CBSD, a Threat for Africa

Chair 1 Titus Alicai
Chair 2 Stephan Winter
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Oral Presentations



S04-01 Edward Kanju Edward Kanju*, Peter Kulakow, Lava Kumar, Kiddo Mtunda, Caroline Sichalwe, Nsajigwa Mwakyusa, Geoffrey Mkamilo, Heneriko Kulembeka, Edda Mushi, Silver Tumwegamire, James Legg, Gueye Badara, Elizabeth Parkes and Rudolph Shirima Performance of some Nigerian cassava cultivars under high cassava brown streak disease pressure in coastal Tanzania - Abstract
S04-02 Athanase Nduwumuremyi Athanase Nduwumuremyi*,Rob Melis,Paul Shanahan and Theodore Asiimwe Postharvest losses caused by cassava physiological postharvest deterioration and brown streak disease root necrosis in Rwanda - Abstract
S04-03 Munganyinka Esperance Esperance Munganyinka*, Joseph Ndunguru,
Elija Miinda Ateka, Agnes Wanjiku Kihurani, Fred Tairo, Peter Sseruwagi, and Marie Claire Kanyange
Variability of Cassava Brown Streak Disease Associated Symptom Phenotypes in Rwanda - Abstract
S04-04 Kasifa Katono Katono*, K., Alicai,T., Baguma, Y., Edema, R., Bua, A. and Omongo, C.A. Influence of Host Plant Resistance and Disease Pressure on Spread of Cassava Brown Streak Disease in Uganda - Abstract
S04-05 Zhongguo Xiong Zhongguo Xiong* Editing Endogenous Cassava Genes for Resistance to CBSD -Presentation
S04-06 Siraj Ismail Kayondo Siraj Ismail Kayondo, Dunia Pino Del Carpio, Alfred Ozimati, Francis Osingada, Yona
Baguma, Vernon Gracen, Offei Samuel, Robert Kawuki and Jean-Luc Jannink*
Association Mapping Mines QTLs underlying Cassava Brown Streak Disease Resistance and Key Root Traits - Abstract
S04-07 Rudolph Shirima Shirima* Rudolph, Legg James, Kanju Edward, Ismail Flora, Ceasar Gloria and Maeda Daniel Absolute quantification of Cassava brown streak viruses - Abstract
S04-08 Emmanuel Ogwok Ogwok*, E., Ilyas, M., Alicai, T., Beyene, G., Rey, M.E.C. and Taylor, N.J. Accumulation of viral RNA and virus-derived small RNAs within CBSD affected cassava correlate with disease phenotype - Abstract
S04-09 Morag Ferguson Morag E. Ferguson*, Geoffrey S. Mkamilo,
Esther A. Masumba, Fortunus A. Kapinga,
Kasele Salum, Inosters Nzuki, Bernadetha Kimatha, Heneriko P. Kulembeka, Caroline Sichalwe, Ana Luis Garcia Oliveira, Edward Kanju, Simon Jeremiah and Steve Rounsley
QTL for Virus Resistance Marker-Assisted Selection in Cassava - Abstract
S04-10 Beena M Ravindran Beena M. Ravindran* and Stephan Winter Strategies to Introduce Resistancein Cassava against Viruses causing Brown Streak Disease using siRNA - Abstract
S04-11 Teddy Amuge Amuge*, T., Goldman, S., Katari, M.S., Myburg, A.A., Berger, D.K., Harvey, J., Bredeson, J., Prochnik, S., Rounsley, S. and Ferguson, M.E. Time-Series Profile of Differentially Expressed Genes for Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Resistant to Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) - Abstract
S04-12 Henry Wagaba Henry Wagaba*, Getu Beyene, John Odipio,
Jude Aleu, Raj Deepika Chauhan, Claude Fauquet, Douglas Miano, Titus Alicai, Anton Bua, Mark Halsey and Nigel J. Taylor
Highly effective control of Cassava brown streak disease through RNAi technology across cropping cycles and diverse agro-ecological regions of East Africa - Abstract
S04-13 Christopher Mcquaid Christopher Finn McQuaid* and Frank van den Bosch The Exchange of Planting Material and its Importance in Controlling Cassava Brown Streak Disease - Abstract
S04-14 Kiddo Mtunda Kiddo Mtunda*, Innocent Ndyetabula, James Legg, Juma Yabeja, Mathias Ndalahwa,
Rudolph Shirima, Fred Tairo,Joseph Ndunguru, Ambilikile Mwenisongole, Derick Samwel, Nuhu Chakindo, Innocent Lwabuti, Monica Nungu, Eustard Shumbusho and David Kingu
Community Action in Cassava Brown Streak Disease Control through Clean Seed in Tanzania - Abstract
S04-15 Juma Yabeja Juma Yabeja*, Stephen Nindi, Kiddo Mtunda, Mathias Ndalahwa, Innocent Ndyetabula and James Legg Community Phytosanitation action proves increase in cassava productivity and market of tuberous roots in Tanzania - Abstract
S04-16 Shahasi Athman Shahasi Athman, Mallowa* Sally, Ruong’o Sandra, Abucheli Grace,
Korir Nicholasand, Miano Douglas
Developing a Student-Centered Disease Diagnostics Teaching Resource, the Case of CBSD - Abstract

Poster Presentations

SP04-02 Valentor Okul Valentor Okul*, Robert Kawuki and Mildred Ochwo-Ssemakula Developing Reliable Methods for Categorizing Response to Cassava Brown Streak Disease Resistance in Selected Cassava Genotypes in Uganda - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-03 Nigel Taylor Muhammad Ilyas, Getu Beyene and Nigel J. Taylor* High-throughput sequencing of small RNAs expressed by transgenic cassava modified for resistance to cassava brown streak disease - Abstract
SP04-04 Willard Kamowa Mbewe Willard Mbewe*, Siobain Duffy, Stephan Winter, Samar Sheat, Marianne Koerbler, Ibrahim Benesi, Fred Tairo, Joseph Ndunguru and Peter Sseruwagi Variability in P1 Gene Redefines Phylogenetic Relationships among Cassava Brown Streak Viruses - Abstract
SP04-05 Alfred Ozimati Ozimati Alfred Adebo*, Jean-Luc Jannink, Kawuki Robert Genomic Selection for Resistance to Cassava Brown Streak Disease and Yield Traits - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-06 Emmanuel Mrema Emmanuel Mrema*, Richard Edema and Robert Kawuki Value of within and between Cluster Crosses for Cassava Brown Streak Disease Resistance - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-07 Gerald Adiga Adiga*, G., Kawuki, R., Tugume, A.K., Alicai1, T., Kanju, E., Tumwegamire, S., Munga, T., Zakarias, A., Benesi, I.R.M., Mkamilo, G.S., Legg, J.P., Maruthi, G., Mwatuni, F. and Mbugua, E. Screening of best bet elite cassava varieties from East and Southern Africa for CMD, CBSD and whitefly resistance in a high disease pressure area of Namulonge, Uganda - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-08 Silver Tumwegamire Silver Tumwegamire*, Edward Kanju, James P. Legg, Rudolph Shirima, Geoffrey Mkamilo,
Kiddo Mtunda, Karoline Sichalwe, Heneriko Kulembeka, Innocent Ndyetabula, Robert Kawuki, Titus Alicai, Gerald Adiga, Ibrahim Benesi, Albert Mhone, Anabela Zacarias, Nubibi Nicosa, Sofrimento F. Matsimbe, Therezia Munga, Elija Ateka, Lynet Navangi, Maruthi M.N. Gowda, Francis Mwatuni, Edward Mbugua, Joseph Ndunguru, Rajab C. Aloyce and Deogratious Mark
The process and lessons of exchanging and managing in-vitro elite germplasm to combat CBSD and CMD in Eastern and Southern Africa region - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-10 Michel Roux-Cuvelier Roux-Cuvelier*, M., Teyssedre, D., Chesneau, T., Jeffray, C., Massé, D., Jade, K., Liachourutu, A., Karime, A., Hostachy, B., Reynaud,B., Legg, J. and Lett, J.-M. Occurrence of cassava brown streak disease and associated Ugandan cassava brown streak virus in Mayotte Island (Mozambique Channel) - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-12 Sarah Nanyiti Sarah Nanyiti, Titus Alicai, Andy M. Bailey, Susan Seal and Gary D. Foster Construction of Full-Length Infectious Clone Of Ugandan Cassava Brown Streak Virus (UCBSV) isolate using Yeast Homologous Recombination Technique - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-13 Stephan Winter Stephan Winter and Marianne Koerbler The Pathogenicity of Cassava Brown Streak Viruses - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-14 Karoline Sichalwe Karoline Sichalwe, Paul Kusolwa and Morag Ferguson A High Density Based Genetic Linkage Map of Cassava from Full Sib Population Towards Tagging Sources of Resistance to Cassava Brown Streak Disease - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-15 Morag Ferguson Kasele Salum Feruz, Geoffrey Mkamilo, Heneriko Kulembeka, Daniel Rokhsar, E. Gonzales, S. Prochnik, Steve Rounsley and
Morag Ferguson*
Mapping of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Markers for Tolerance of Cassava Brown Streak Disease of Mkombozi X TMS 4(2)1425 Population - Abstract
- Poster
SP04-17 Sally Mallowa Mallowa* Sally, Akhwale Michael, Njarro
Ismael, Obiero Hannington, Ruong’o Sandra
and Robertson Alison
Strengthening the Capacity of Extension Workers to Diagnose Cassava Brown Streak Disease in Western Kenya - Abstract
- Poster

Oral Presentations Accepted but not Presented

S04 Ephraim Nuwamanya Ephraim Nuwamanya*, Yona Baguma, Evans Atwijukire, Sharon Acheng and Titus Alicai Effect of Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) on Leaf Morphology and Composition, Root Storage Components and Starch Properties - Abstract

Poster Presentations Accepted but not Presented

SP04-01 Michael Chipeta Michael M. Chipeta*, Paul Shanahan, Julia Sibiya, Rob Melis and Ibrahim R.M. Benesi Assessment of Farmers' Knowledge on Cassava Brown Streak Disease Diagnosis and Management and the Disease Incidence and severity in Malawi  
SP04-09 Mary Yongolo Mary Biswalo Yongolo, Paul Jerry Njau and James Peter Legg Effects of Harvesting Intervals and Health Status of Planting Materials on Cassava Brown Streak Disease and Yield of Cassava - Abstract
SP04-11 Esther Masumba Masumba*, E., van der Merwe, A., Myburg, Z., Kapinga, F.,Kasele, S., Kulembeka, H., Mkamilo, G., Lyons, J., Bredeson, J., Kanju,
E., Katari, M. and Ferguson, M.
Mapping of QTL Associated With Resistance to CBSD and CMD in Outcrossing Cassava Farmer Varieties Locally Cultivated in Tanzania - Abstract
SP04-16 Veneranda Ngazi Veneranda Ngazi*, Fred Tairo and Settumba Mukasa Characterisation of Phenotypic Responses of Cassava Genotypes to Cassava Brown Streak Virus Infections - Abstract

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