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Session 05:Diagnostic and Surveillance

Chair 1 Fazil Dusunceli
Chair 2 Jean-Michel Lett
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Oral Presentations

S05-01 Stephan Winter  Winter*, Stephan Diagnosis and Surveillance of Root and Tuber Crops Pathogens - Abstract
S05-02 Jan Kreuze Jan F. Kreuze*, Zhangjun Fei, Dina Gutierrez, Shan Gao, Segundo Fuentes and Yi Zheng The African Sweet-Potato Virome, understanding virus diversity, distribution and evolution and their impacts on Sweet Potato production in Africa - Abstract
S05-03 Chukwuemeka Nkere Chukwuemeka Nkere*, Gabriel Atiri, Joseph Onyeka, Susan Seal and Lava Kumar Incidence and Distribution of Viruses in plants grown from Different Portions of Seed Yams (Dioscorea Spp.). - Abstract
S05-04 Maruthi Gowda Otti*, G., Bouvaine, S., Kimata, B., Mkamillo, G., Kumar, P.L., Tomlins, K. and Maruthi, M.N. Multiplex Real time PCR Assay for the Simultaneous Quantification of DNA and RNA Viruses infecting Cassava, and its application for testing field Samples - Abstract
S05-05 James Legg James P. Legg*, Kris Wyckhuys, Jürgen Kroschel, Rudolph Shirima, Gloria Ceasar, Frank Fovo, Julian Smith, Rachid Hanna, Godefroid Monde, Lensa Sefera Tajebe, Hélène Delatte, Elibariki Nsami, Georg Goergen and P. Lava Kumar Spread of Viruses, Phytoplasma Diseases and Arthropod Pests of Cassava-Needs for Diagnostics and Surveillance - Abstract
S02-06 Daniel Mutembesa Ernest Mwebaze, Daniel Mutembesa*, Titus Alicai, and Christopher Omongo Cassava Viral Disease Surveillance, Diagnosis and Modeling - Abstract
- Presentation
S05-07 Jacinta Akol Jacinta Akol*, Titus Alicai and Timothy Holton Diversity of Viral Pathogens Infecting Yams in Uganda - Abstract
S05-08 Ernest Mwebaze
Ernest Mwebaze*, Grace Kamulegeya, Chris Omongo and Titus Alicai Smartphones for Surveillance, Phenotyping and Diagnosis of Viral Disease in Cassava - Abstract
S05-10 Jean-Michel Lett Lett Jean-Michel*, De Bruyn Alexandre, Harimalala Mireille, Tiendrébéogo Fidèle, Zinga Innocent, Ranomenjanahary Sahondramalala, Lefeuvre Pierre, Traoré Oumar and Reynaud Bernard Molecular Epidemiology, Genetic Diversity and Dissemination Routes of CMGs in Sub-Saharan Africa and the South-West Indian Ocean Islands - Abstract
- Presentation
S05-11 Lava Kumar Lava Kumar*, P.,Kulakow, P., Onyeka, J., Egesi, C.,Ogunfunmilayo, C., Onyeani, C., Kahlid, I., Kanju, E., and Legg, J.P. Contingency Planning for Management of CBSD - the Nigeria case - Abstract
- Presentation
S05-12 Anna Szyniszewska Anna Szyniszewska* and Frank van den Bosch Monitoring Change in Pathogen Distribution from a set of Surveys - Abstract
S05-13 Wilmer Cuellar Monica Carvajal-Yepes, Jenyfer Jimenez, Ivan Lozano, Maritza Cuervo and Wilmer J. Cuellar Molecular Resolution, Diversity and Biological Characterization of known and Novel Viruses Infecting Cassava in the Americas - Abstract
S05-14 Fazil Dusunceli Fazil Dusunceli*, Joyce Mulilamutti, Mathew Abang, Mike Robson, Manuela Allara, Yongfan Piao, Sankung Sagnia, Chikelu Mba, Makiko Taguchi, Prasong Prapaitrakul and Lava Kumar Experiences and Vision of FAO in Surveillance and Prevention of Transboundary Plant pests with Emphasis on Cassava - Abstract
S02-17 Manas Sahoo Sahoo*, M.R., Dasgupta, M., Sharma, S.K., Prakash, N. and Ngachan, S.V. Resistance mechanism of taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) against Phytophthora leaf blight disease - Abstract
- Presentation

Poster Presentations

SP05-02 Jean-Michel Lett Lett Jean-Michel*, Roux-Cuvelier Michel, Azali Hamza Abdoui, Atta-Diallo Hortense, Beach Larry, Brouchoud Henri, Brugidou
Christophe,Cuellar Wilmer, Delatte Hélène, Dintinger Jacques, Djikeng Apollinaire, Duval Marie-France, Ethel Malika, Gowda Maruthi, Jouen Emmanuel, Koebnik Ralf, Koita Ousmane, Kone Daouda, Kouassi K. Nazaire, Kpemoua E. Kossi, Kulakow Peter, Kumar Lava, Legg James, Offei Kouame, Okogbenin Emmanuel, Onyeka Joseph, Poussier Stéphane, Quain
D. Marian, Rakotoarisoa Jacqueline, Robène Isabelle, RwomushanaIvan, Sagnia B. Sankung, Sangaré Abourahmane, Sseruwagi Peter,Tiendrébéogo Fidèle, Vernier Philippe, Vernière Christian, Winter Stephan, Zacarias Anabela, Zinga Innocent, Verdier Valérie, Reynaud Bernard and Fauquet Claude
Surveillance and Control of Cassava Diseases in Africa - International Meeting Results in Pan-African Cassava Disease Network - Abstract
- Poster
SP05-03 Anna Szyniszewska Anna Szyniszewska* and Frank van den Bosch Cassava host distribution model for East and South Africa - Abstract
- Poster
SP05-05 Hui Lu Hui Lu*, Fuping Lu, Xiao Liang and Qing Chen* Potential Geographic Distribution Areas of Mononychellus mcgregori in Hainan Province - Abstract
SP05-06 Qing Chen Qing Chen*, Fuping Lu, Hui Lu, Xiao Liang, and Qian Li Monitoring, early warming and IPM of cassava insect pests in China - Abstract
SP05-07 Lava Kumar Nkere, C.K., Oyekanmi, J., Silva, G., Atiri, G.I., Onyeka, J., Seal, S.E. and Lava Kumar*, P. A one step closed tube reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (CT-RT-LAMP) assay for the detection of Yam mosaic virus - Abstract
SP05-08 Resty Nanvubya Resty Nanvubya*, Lilliane Kiiza, Godffrey Sseremba, Daniel Mukiibi, Geoffrey Okao, Francis Osingada and Titus Alicai The role of endophytes to promote plant health and growth of Ensete ventricosum - Abstract
- Poster
SP05-09 Godefroid Monde Monde*, G., Magembe, E., Calvert, L. and Harvey, J. First Molecular Evidence of Cassava Brown Streak Disease in Democratic Republic of Congo - Abstract
- Poster
SP05-10 Phanuwat Moonjuntha Moonjuntha*, P., Athipunyakom, P., Kositcharoenkul, N., Waravichanee, K., Wongtiem, P., Lankaew, S.,Thongkreng, R., Alvarez, E. and Wyckhuys, K.A.G. Detection of Candidatus Phytoplasma associated with Cassava witches’ broom symptom in Rayong province Thailand - Abstract
- Poster
SP05-11 Sirilak Lankaew Sirilak Lankaew*, Phanuwat Moonjuntha, Prapit Wongtiem and Kris A.G. Wyckhuys* Could Neonicotinoid Stake Dips Interfere with Biological Control of The Cassava Mealybug (Phenacoccus manihoti) in Thailand - Abstract
- Poster

Oral Presentations Accepted but not Presented

S05-09 Alusaine Samura Alusaine E Samura*, Shar N Fomba, and Alfred G.O. Dixon Prevalence, Incidence and Severity of African Cassava Mosaic Virus and its Effect on Yield and Productivity of Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) on the Uplands in Sierra Leone - Abstract

Poster Presentations Accepted but not Presented

SP05-04 Umfuyisoni Jeanine Umfuyisoni Jeanine* Cassava Viruses and their alternate hosts in Rwanda - Abstract

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