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Session 24: Processing/Value Addition for Feed, Food and Industry

Chair 1 Lateef Sanni
Chair 2 Dominique Dufour
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Oral Presentations

S24-02 Adane Getachew Adane Tilahun Getachew*, Shimelis Admassu, Nigussie Reta and Byung-Soo Chun Functional and Physicochemical Properties of Flours Obtained from Raw and Processed Taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott.) Cultivars Grown in, Ethiopia - Abstract
S24-03 Jaffar Sheriff Sheriff Jaffer Thajudhin*, Tomlins Keith, Sajeev Moothandassery, Alumoottil Jyothi and Lateef Sanni Drying Characteristics of High Quality Cassava Flour - Abstract
S24-04 Faustina Wireko-Manu Wireko-Manu Faustina Dufie*, Agyare N. Anita and Ibok Oduro Development and Quality Assessment of Cassava-Based Non-Alcoholic Beverage - Abstract
S24-05 Son Chu-Ky Son Chu-Ky*, Chinh-Nghia Nguyen, Dinh-Vuong Mai, Tien-Cuong Nguyen, Viet-Phu Tu, Quyet-Tien Phi and Thanh-Mai Le Simultaneous Liquefaction, Saccharification and Fermentation for Ethanol Production from Cassava and Valorization of By-products for Animal Feeding - Abstract
- Presentation
S24-06 Amanda Karlström Karlström* A., Pizarro, M., Moreno, J., Calle, F., Morante, N., Belalcazar, J., Dufour, D. and Ceballos, H. Influence of Environment on the Functional Properties of Amylose-Free Cassava Starch - Abstract
- Presentation
S24-09 Temesgen Bocher Temesgen Bocher*, Kirimi Sindi and Jan Low Understanding Consumer Preferences and Estimating Willingness-To-Pay for Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato Juice does Nutrition Information Matter - Abstract
- Presentation
S24-11 Arma Bertuso
Bertuso*, Arma, Wheatley, Christopher, Roa, Julieta and Xie, Kaiyun FoodSTART Asian partnerships for Food Security Through Root and Tuber Crops - Abstract
- Presentation
S24-13 Busie Maziya-Dixon Maziya-Dixon*, B., Popoola, R., Alamu, O. and Yomeni, M. Nutritional, Anti-Nutritional, Sensory Properties and Consumer Acceptance of Snack Foods made from High Quality Cassava Flour and Legume Blend in Nigeria and DRC - Abstract
S24-15 Kanchana Saengchan Sunisa Buttajeen, Kanchana Saengchan*, Montira Nopharatana and Warinthorn Songkasiri Effects of Sulfur Dioxide and PH on Blue Color and Properties of Cassava Starch Product - Abstract
- Presentation
S24-17 Laurent Adinsi Laurent Adinsi*, Laure Prin, Nadège Kougblenou, Carole Sacca, Joseph Hounhouigan, Noël Akissoé and Geneviève Fliedel Consumers’ Acceptability of Fortified Gari, a Cassava Product in Benin - Abstract
- Presentation

Poster Presentations

SP24-01 Abiodun Adebayo-Oyetoro Anedo*, E.O., Asawalam, D.O., Njoku, J.C., Nwosu, P.O., Ofoeze, M.A. Effect of Additives (Iron And Alum) on the Qualities of Fermented Cassava Flour (Lafun). - Abstract
SP24-02 Abdul-Rasaq Adebowale Adebowale*, A.A., Shokunbi, A.B., Nwaeme, C.E., Olatunde, G.O. and Lawal, O.I. Proximate, Mineral, Anti-Nutritional Composition and Functional Properties of Improved Nigerian Sweet Potato Flour - Abstract
SP24-05 Monday Ale Monday Ale*, Lewis Olutayo and Francis Ologunagba An Approach To Developing Indigenous Farm Machinery For Cassava Processing Technology In Nigeria Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Experience - Abstract
SP24-07 John Amajor Amajor*, J.U., Amajor, E.E. and Afuape, S.O. Characterization of Molds Associated with Fermented and Unfermented Sweet Potato Flours Stored For 6 Months at Ambient Temperature in NRCRI, Umudike, Nigeria - Abstract
SP24-08 Nanyonjo Ann Ritah Nanyonjo Ann Ritah*, Kyazze Florence and Hale Tufan Characterization of Cassava Flour Quality as a Factor For Selection of Cassava Genotypes in Uganda- a Case of Zombo District - Abstract
SP24-12 Abena Achiaa Boakye Frances Wendy Grant, Faustina Dufie Wireko-Manu, Abena Achiaa Boakye* and Ibok Oduro Sensory properties of enriched traditional cassava starch biscuit - Abstract
SP24-13 Abena Boakye Abena Achiaa Boakye*, Faustina Dufie Wireko-Manu, Ioannis Chronakis, Maria Guðjónsdóttir and Ibok Oduro Enhancing the Food utilisation of Cocoyam -Development of ԑtↄ-mix - Abstract
SP24-14 Olufunmilayo Omoba Olufunmilayo ‘Sade Omoba*, Olugbenga Dumeza Ezeh and Thonia Abosede Ogunleye. Dough Mixing, Thermal Properties and Pasting Profiles of Wheat – Sweet Potatoes – Sesame Composite Flour Blends with its Bread Making Potential - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-21 Hoerudin Hoerudin Hoerudin Juniawati*, Sri Yuliani Widaningrum, Dewi Utari Wulandari, Endang Prangdimurti and Olivier Gibert Sensory Effect and Bioaccessibility of Microencapsulated Iron-Fortified Cassava Flour and Flakes - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-25 Kolapo Lawrence Kolapo Adelodun Lawrence* and Sanni Morenike Olayinka Post 2015 Development Agenda Mainstreaming Cassava to Alleviate Africa’s Hunger Predicament through Food Fortification - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-28 Martin Odoch Martin Odoch*, Elna M. Buys and John R.N. Taylor Steeping of Ground Cassava Roots in Dilute Sodium Hydroxide in Combination with Fine Wet Milling and Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermentation to Improve Starch Extraction - Abstract
SP24-34 Janet Pandi Janet Pandi*, Phil Glatz, Kapil Chousalkar and Bec Forder Growth performance of broiler chickens fed 5 Papua New Guinean sweet potato cultivars with differing non-starch polysaccharide contents - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-35 Jian Su Su*, J., Laoka, B., Piyachomkwan, K., Sriroth, K. and Vanichsriratana, W. Effect of Dry Heat Treatment with Xanthan Gum on Different Amylose rice Starch - Abstract
SP24-36 Setyadjit Setyadjit Setyadjit*, Rina Nurapriani, Ermi Sukasih, M. Arpah and Olivier Gibert, Optimisation of Brownies Formulation Made of Taro Composite Flour - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-37 Ermi Sukasih Ermi Sukasih*, Setyadjit and Olivier Gibert Effect of Addition of Milk Powder, Seasoning and Salt on Physicochemical and Organoleptic Characteristics of Taro Instant Porridge - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-38 Amarachi Uchechukwu-Agua Amarachi*, U.-A., Oluwafemi, C. and Umezuruike, O. Changes in Functional and Pasting Properties and Mineral Contents of the Flour of Two Cassava Cultivars (TME 419 and UMUCASS 36) under Different Storage Conditions - Abstract
SP24-40 Kelly Wanda Kelly Wanda*, Abass Adebayo, Beatrice Bachwenkizi, Bamidele Alenkhe, Paul Amaza, Ambrose Agona and Nicholas Cromme Value Addition of Mechanized Post-Harvest Cassava Processing and Impact on Farmers’ Production Efficiency in Uganda - Abstract
SP24-41 Faustina Wireko-Manu Zeenatu Suglo Adams, Faustina Dufie Wireko-Manu*, Jacob Agbenorhevi and Ibok Oduro Extruded Snack (Yummy Pop) from Water Yam-Based Flour - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-42 Xianjun Song Song Xianjun*, Mo Xianhui, Luo Qun, Yang Qibao and An Chunmei Adding Value to Cassava through Raising Cassava Silkworm with Cassava Leaves - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-43 Haiqin Lu Lu Haiqin*, Gu Bi, Xie Caifeng, Li Kaimian and Hang Fanxue Development Research of Cassava Foods - Abstract
- Poster
SP24-44 Adeola Oloyede Adeola Oloyede* and Opeyemi Ayinde Determinant Of Profitability Of Gari Processing Among Women Processor In Kwara State, Nigeria - Abstract
- Poster

Oral Presentations Accepted but not Presented

S24-01 Mpoko Bokanga Mpoko Bokanga* Progress towards industrializing cassava in Africa and impact on poverty - Abstract
S24-07 Olajide Sobukola Development Of Nutritious Low Fat Vacuum Fried Snacks From Yellow Fleshed Cassava Root-Process Design, Product Characterization And Economic Implications Site Specific Nutrient Management and Customised Fertilizers for Tropical Tuber Crops Cultivation in India - Abstract
S24-08 Chintha Pradeepika Development Of FT-NIR Model For Rapid Estimation Of Biochemical Constitutes In Cassava Effect of Micro Irrigation and Fertigation on Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in India - Abstract
S24-10 Ololade Fabode Okike Ihaenacho* and Samireddypalle Anandan Innovative Processing Of Cassava Peels Into Livestock Feed - Abstract
S24-14 Abdul-Rasaq Adebowale Abddul-Rasaq* A. Adebowale*, Taofeek A. Shittu, Olajide P. Sobukola, Petra Abdulsalaam-Saghir, Bernard O. Siwoku, Lateef O. Sanni, Nanam Dziedzoave, Frederick Teye, Christian Amegah, Jonathan Ampah, Benjamin Okae, Ama Annan, Faouziath Sanoussi, Paterne A. Agre, Arlette Adjatin, Alexandre A. Dansi, John D.J. Momoh, Memuna K. Sawi, and Sahr N. Fomba Status Of Roots And Tubers Drying In West Africa - Abstract
S24-16 Joan Babajide Babajide* Joan and Gabriel Chinedu Influence Of Cassava Starch On Some Quality Characteristics Of Biscuit - Abstract

Poster Presentations Accepted but not Presented

SP24-04 Matthew A Adekolu Matthew Adekolu* and Aishatu Haruna Cassava Processing In Nigeria - Abstract
SP24-09 Agnes Atim Atim Agnes Apea* Mobile Cassava Processing Model in Uganda - Abstract
SP24-10 Olugbenga Awolu Olugbenga Olufemi Awolu*, Grace Funmilayo Oseyemi and Beatrice Olawumi Temilade Ifesan Rheological and Physicochemical Properties of Optimized Cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta) - Based Flours and Quality Characteristics of Produced Biscuit - Abstract
SP24-11 Olugbenga Awolu Olugbenga Olufemi Awolu* Effect Of Some Chemical Modification Methods On Physico-Chemical, Functional And Pasting Properties Of Native And Modified Water Yam (Dioscorea alata) Starches - Abstract
SP24-15 Chinelo Ezeocha Ezeocha*, V.C., Nwankwo, I., Ezebuiro, V.N. and Okpara, M. Evaluation of the Physico-Chemical Properties of Starch From Pre-Release White Yam (Dioscorea rotundata) Varieties - Abstract
SP24-16 Paul Chinenye Ezepue Paul Chinenye Ezepue* Cassava Plantation Abstract - Abstract
SP24-17 Folasayo Fayose Fayose T. Folasayo*, Ogunlowo Agboola, Huan Zhongjie and Olubambi Peter Performance of an Automated Cassava Peeler as a Multi-Root Crop Peeler. - Abstract
SP24-18 Andrés Escobar Andrés Escobar*, Alexandre Bouniol, Thierry Tran, Dominique Dufour, Laurent Adinsi, Noel Akissoe and Geneviève Fliedel Characterization of Traditional Food Processes for Gari Production in Benin - Abstract
SP24-19 Andres Giraldo-Toro Andres Giraldo-Toro*, Olivier Gibert, Dominique Dufour and Philippe Bohuon New Approach for the Prediction of the in vitro Digestibility of Cooked Plantain Flour as a Function of Thermo-Hydric Conditions - Abstract
SP24-20 Namrata Giri Giri*, N.A., Sheriff, J.T. and Sajeev, M.S. Development of Unleavened Indian Flatbread (Chapatti) Using Sweet Potato Flour - Abstract
SP24-22 Sunday Itodo Itodo*, S.S. Ogunlowo, A.S. and Olalusi, A.P. Development And Performance Evaluation Of A Multi-Purpose Tuber Peeling Machine - Abstract
SP24-23 Eustace Iyayi Eustace Ayemere* Enzyme Supplementation of Cassava Peel-Based Diets On Broiler Performance - Abstract
SP24-24 Yemisi Jeff-Agboola Jeff-Agboola Yemisi Adefunke*, Ellen S. Dierenfeld and Jayeoba Mobolaji Elizabeth Microbiological Evaluation Of Natural Fermentation Of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Peels To Improve The Quality Of By-Product As Feed Ingredient In Nigeria - Abstract
SP24-26 Goodluck Odiase Goodluck Odiase* and Ayoola Olalusi Design and Fabrication of a Charcoal Fired Gari Roasting Machine - Abstract
SP24-27 Goodluck Odiase Goodluck Odiase* and Ayoola Olalusi Selected Engineering Properties of White Cocoyam (Tannia) Relevant to Post Harvest Operations - Abstract
SP24-29 Omodayo Odugbade Odugbade Omodayo*, Iheanacho Okike, Samireddypalle Anadan and Fabode Ololade Effect of Drying Surface and Spread Thickness on Drying Efficiency of Processed Cassava Peel Mash - Abstract
SP24-30 Hayford Ofori Ofori Hayford*, Akonor Paa Toah and Dziedzoave Nanam Tay Trace Metal Concentrations in High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) - Abstract
SP24-31 Olubayo Oginni Oginni Olubayo*, Olukunle John and Fayose Folasayo Performance Evaluation of aAn Automated Cassava Peeler as a Multi-Root Crop Peeler - Abstract
SP24-32 Onu Olughu Onu Onu Olughu Onu* and Kayode Simonyan Design and Development of a Motorized Ginger Juice Expression Machine - Abstract
SP24-33 Adekunle Oresegun Oresegun*, A., Fagbenro, O.A. and Edah, B. Feed Utilization and Growth Response of Tilapia Fingerlings Fed Cassava Leaf Protein Concentrate Based Diet - Abstract
SP24-39 Anthony Ukawuba Ukawuba*, A.I., Nnaji, M.O. and Amobi, C.C. Development of Efficient Cassava Facility Maintenance And Management, a Veritable Tool in Cost Reduction for a Strong Value Chain System - Abstract

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