Instructions for Oral Sessions

Oral Sessions are on Tuesday, January 19th, Wednesday January 20th and Thursday January 21st, 2016. The sessions are organized along the 24 topics from S01 to S24.

There is no limit to the number of presentations per participant, and the person making the presentation should be underlined in the list of authors. The presenter should be fully registered to the Congress. If the author is not registered, the presentation will be cancelled and replaced by another one.

Abstract submission for Oral Sessions will be open on May 1.

Abstracts should adhere to this format.

Presentations online at WCRTC: Speakers will be offered to have a copy of their presentation on line after the Congress. If speakers are interested to do so, they will have to sign an authorization at the Registration desk and they will have to deposit an electronic copy of their presentation; accepted formats are ppt, jpg and pdf. Please do not send your presentations in advance.

Checking your Presentations at WCRTC: Speakers will be offered a checking room for their presentation the day prior to the presentation and they will be asked to deposit a copy of their presentation in the same checking room. After the presentation, this copy will be discarded unless authors has signed an authorization for posting on the website.