Electronic Proceedings

Plenary Sessions

Monday, January 18th

Speaker information and presentations from the Plenary Session on Monday, January 18th.

Friday, January 22nd

Speaker information and presentations from the Plenary Session on Friday, January 22nd.

Scientific Sessions

S01: Biodiversity and Genetic Resources

S02: Biotic Stress - RT

S04: CBSD, a Threat for Africa

S05: Diagnostic & Surveillance

S06: Genomics and Gene Discovery Platforms

S07: Impact Assessment

S08: Climatic Change and Environmental Impact

S09: Enabling Transgenic and In Vitro Technologies

S10: Root & Tuber Crops Abiotic stress

S11: Cassava Breeding

S13: Sweet Potato & Yam Breeding

S14: Root & Tuber Crops Agronomy and Field Production

S15: Root & Tuber Crops Nutrition

S16: Root & Tuber Crops Seed Systems

S17: Root & Tuber Crops Value Chains/Industry Speakers

S18: Waste in the Value Chain

S20: Acceptance, Markets and Economics

S24: Processing/Value Addition for Feed, Food and Industry


Workshop #W1A: Integrating End User Preferences into Root and Tuber Breeding Programs

Workshop #W1B: Beyond the DNA sequence: epigenetic control of traits in Root and Tuber Crops

Workshop #W1C: Commercial Seed Systems for Root and Tuber Crops – What have we learned?

Workshop #W1D: Cassavabase workshop

Workshop #W1E: Scalable advances in transforming cassava peels into high quality feed ingredients

Workshop #W2A: Determining and expressing root & tuber yields correctly

Workshop #W2B: Seed Standards & Inspection Protocols for RTBs

Workshop #W2C: DNA Fingerprinting of cassava landraces and varieties

Workshop #W2D: Pan African Cassava Surveillance Network – PacSun and Contingency Plans

Workshop #W2E: Partnerships for technology transfer to support cassava value chain development in low-income countries?