Organization of a Satellite Meeting

Organization of Satellite Meetings and Training Sessions: Anybody can propose the organization of a public or invitation only Satellite Meeting or Training Session (“Satellite”), to be held before or after the main Congress Program. The organizer of the Satellite Meeting will be in charge of inviting the participants, the agenda, conducting the meeting, and finalizing the booking of the hotel rooms with the hotel. The Congress organizers will reserve the Satellite meeting room, coffee breaks and meals, for the requested dates, and will reserve the number of hotel rooms corresponding to the participants.

The way to proceed: Choose the size of your meeting room, give it a title, and make a booking ASAP for the exact dates, and the number of participants to: Dr. Claude Fauquet

Facilities: Meetings for 10 to 200 participants can be accommodated for 1-3 days before or after the Congress. Although the facilities can accommodate 12 concurrent satellites, the number of rooms to fit a particular group size is limited (see floor plan below). It is advised you book as soon as possible.

Costs for satellite meetings: The organizer of a Satellite meeting is responsible for the payment of all expenses associated with the event; meeting room, meals and coffee breaks. A satellite meeting will cost in average ±$120/capita and per day, all included (hotel room, meeting room, video, coffee breaks, and 3 meals/day). At the booking time, the Congress organizers will send a quote for the total cost of the venue, with the exception of the hotel rooms (variable prices), but with the option of including the Congress Registration Fees of the participants. The meeting organizer is expected to pay up-front for the amount of this quote before the congress. After the Congress the organizers will send an invoice corresponding to exact expenses made for the meeting, and if necessary payment adjustments will be done at that time.

Deadlines for organizing a Satellite Meeting:

  • The deadline to book a Satellite Meeting is November 1, 2015.
  • Payment of the quote is due 2 weeks after receipt of the quote following the booking.
  • Cancellation deadline without fees is November 1, 2015.
  • Final invoices will be sent at the end of January 2016.

Adjustment to the number of participants: At the booking time, only a total number of participants is required. A detailed nominative list of participants will be required before December 15, 2015. If changes are made between the booking time and this deadline, please contact the Congress organizer to make the adjustments and the quote will be updated. After the deadline of December 15, 2015, additional participants will have to register individually and will have to book their hotel separately. If there are fewer participants, the Congress organizers will adjust the hotel booking accordingly and will adjust the invoice after the Congress.

Cancellation policy: A Satellite Meeting can be cancelled before the final deadline of November 1, 2015. Payment made for the quoted amount will be repaid in full. After this date, meeting rooms will have to be paid and bank fees for money transfer and other fees will be deducted. After November 1, 2015, Regfees for registered participants to the Congress who do not want to attend the Congress anymore will be reimbursed at 50%.

Floor Plan of the Meeting Building

Categories of meeting rooms:

  • Small size fit <20 people: VP1, VP3, VP5, VP7, VP8.
  • Medium size fit <50 people: VP2, VP4, VP6, VP8, VP10
  • Large size fit >100 people: Multifunctional Hall 1st floor, Multifunctional Hall 2nd floor, Ball Room 2nd floor

Costs of the Hotel Rooms, Meals and Meeting Rooms

Plenary Meeting Room:

  • Largest: 550 seats
  • Price: ¥3000元/half day - $500

Main Hotel Building:

  • Double beds: ¥300.00/day - $50 (170 rooms available)
  • Single room: ¥500.00/half day - $85 (40 rooms available)
  • VIP room: ¥800.00/half day - $135 (10 rooms available)

No. 1 and No. 2 Hotel Building:

  • Double beds: ¥230.00/day - $40 (130 rooms available)
  • Single room: ¥350.00/half day - $60 (10 rooms available)
  • VIP room: ¥650.00/half day - $110 (4 rooms available)

Building 5: includes the multi-functional hall in first and second floor (13 meeting room and corridors).

  • Price: ¥15000元/half day - $2500 and ¥30000元/day - $5000
  • Evenings not included

Single meeting room in Building 5:

  • Small meeting room (VIP7, VIP5, etc.) - 50 seats, ¥1500 元/ half day - $250
  • Multi-functional hall - 230 seats, ¥3000元/ half day - $500

Meals : buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner:

  • Charge: ¥160元 /person - $30
  • Tea break: ¥35元 /person - $8
  • Cocktails: ¥70元 /person - $15

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